The top 10 best tight ends in NFL history

Due to their ability to play multiple positions, tight ends in the NFL are among the most adaptable players. 

In addition to serving as extra blockers during run plays, they are qualified receivers who are able to catch throws from the quarterback.

If so, tight ends who competed recently should have the numerical advantage.

That standard wouldn't be just to those who competed when the ground game was king. Consequently, 

choosing the best tight ends of all time involves comparing them to their contemporaries. The players on this list dominated the opposition throughout their time,

even though possessing eye-popping stats and individual accomplishments helps boost their credentials.

In the 2000s and 2010, Witten was a mainstay for the Dallas Cowboys squads. Seven times throughout his career, he assisted the team in making the playoffs.

By finishing with 980 yards and six touchdown catches in his second season, the former Tennessee standout began to put the league on notice.