These NFL Teams Have Never Won a Championship

The Lombardi Trophy is the highest accolade bestowed upon NFL teams. At the start of each season,

each club sets its sights on the greatest achievement in American football. Some groups,

Some have yet to even make it to the Super Bowl. These teams have another year to capture the NFL's top prize. 

Even though they haven't yet received the Lombardi Trophy, they can declare themselves Super Bowl champions.

The Buffalo Bills fought their way to four consecutive Super Bowls in the early 1990s, but they were defeated each time. 

I was never able to bring home a trophy. They haven't won a Super Bowl since their most recent defeat in 1993.

Because the Houston Texans have never won the Super Bowl, they should be granted some tolerance because they are still a young team. 

To go to the Super Bowl, they must first win the AFC Championship Game, which they have never done.