This Natalie Portman Film Is a Great Pop Star Story

Natalie Portman has portrayed numerous intriguing, challenging parts, frequently in the same year.

 Portman played a resilient pop star in 2018. After a catastrophe, Celeste (Cassidy) becomes a famous musician in Vox Lux,

directed by Brady Corbet and starring Jude Law and Raffey Cassidy. She matures (Portman) but struggles with fame's dark side.

The film was well-received but neglected for its riveting portrayal of growing up famous, crime-inspired art, artists as commodities,

These thought-provoking issues revolve on a complicated woman artist who transforms from adolescence to adulthood.

This Natalie Portman picture merits a position among the best musician-centered films due to its impressive cast,

challenging issues, Lady Gaga-esque makeup design, musical moments (courtesy of Sia),

The HBO series The Idol, which has received appalling reviews, premieres tonight.