This summer's best sunglasses to buy based on your zodiac sign


Aries are known for their independent nature; they don't follow trends; they create them.


This earth sign prefers an earthy green and brown color palette and values practicality over changing fashion fads.


Geminis are continuously looking for new experiences. They change up their look on a frequent basis, which means they're versatile with a bit of an edge when it comes to accessories. 


Cancer is a very emotional sign ruled by the moon and connected with its colors—white, silver, grey, and even cream.


This sign enjoys being noticed. While most individuals avoid mirrored lenses and rhinestone-encrusted frames, Leos love to make people look twice. 


This earth sign is meticulous in its attention to detail and appreciates fine craftsmanship. Consider upgraded fundamentals with a clean, modest beauty that may be worn year after year.


These Balenciaga sunglasses are perfect for Libra's love of harmonious design and Zodiac C's favorite color, pink.


A secretive, dark, and intense personality with a fashion sense to match. Scorpios' favorite everyday accessory will be a pair of big, thick, black lenses.


A Sagittarius, the most adventurous of the zodiac signs, is always preparing their next adventure.


A responsible and organized zodiac sign that exudes authority. With some big cat-eye frames, you can get the desired aloof demeanor. 


Celebrate your eccentricities with a pair of peach oval-shaped frames, Aquarius. It's not what people expect, and you're not either.


A truly free spirit that enjoys unusual colors and designs.