Tina Turner's Last Days: The Queen of Rock and Roll was 'Loved' and 'Adored' by Her Swiss Neighbors and Friends

Tina Turner, the music legend and renowned singer, spent her final days roaming the streets of the idyllic Swiss village of Küsnacht, RadarOnline.com has revealed.

When her German husband Erwin Bach took a job directing EMI Music's Swiss operations in neighboring Zurich, the singer moved to Küsnacht in 1995.

Many locals have known them since then as some of the nicest people to visit their small village of roughly 14,000 people.

The 83-year-old Queen of Rock n Roll is recalled as "modest," "friendly," and "polite" by her neighbors and closest friends.

Turner would frequently come into town to shop, according to local butcher Benny Lang.

"She had a butler, but she liked to go herself, with her husband Erwin," Lang told the Daily Mail. 

"They were particularly fond of the Moreira Gourmet House." It is the greatest spot to get smoked salmon and white truffles in the neighborhood. That's what they purchased."

Turner learned German in order to become a Swiss citizen, and as a result, he developed a distinct Swiss vernacular. 

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