Tom Brady's 7 Super Bowl rings are worth how much?

Too many costly stones make any Super Bowl or NBA Championship ring look fraudulent. However, Tom Brady has seven rings worth millions. He has more than any living sports legend. 

The Boston Celtics' golden period gave Bill Russell 11 of them. However, Tom Brady has more NFL rings than any basketball team.

Six of Tom Brady's rings came from the New England Patriots, and one from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

 Gisele Bündchen's platinum engagement ring with a four-carat diamond and baguettes competed with Tom Brady's for the most expensive ring.

It was valued at $145,000. Super Bowl rings are priced differently.

Super Bowl rings start at $50,000 and go up depending on how each club customizes them.

 If the design is unusual, the alloy or diamond count raises the price. They personalize with rubies or sapphires.

 Rings can include the player's name and number. For instance, the $57,000 Denver Broncos Super Bowl L ring was the most costly.

Let's assume these Super Bowl rings retail for $30,000 each, but there's one item to consider. First, all 7 rings are valued $468,000 if added.

Only $300,000 more than Gisele Bündchen's solitary engagement ring. Tom Brady has those rings. 

Sothebys predicts each ring might sell for $3 million at auction.