Tom Brady's Raiders Kill Patriots' NFL Comeback?

The Las Vegas Raiders team has finally halted a Tom Brady comeback, potentially for good, more than 20 years after they failed to stop one of his first.

Professional and lay observers weren't quite ready to say goodbye to the Brady era, which has dominated the first decade of the new century of NFL football thus far, 

despite the sense of finality that came with the New England Patriots legend's most recent retirement.

But Brady's most recent endeavor may put a stop to the debate for good.

This week, Brady submitted a bid to the NFL for a small ownership stake in the Raiders organization. 

This is his second investment in a Sin City team; the first being in the defending WNBA champion Las Vegas Aces.

Even though such a stake wouldn't prevent him from accepting the enormous deal waiting

for him in the Fox Sports booth, it would probably prevent him from playing on the field.