Tom Cruise's $606 Million Sci-Fi Film "War of the Worlds" Annoys Spielberg. "I couldn't end it."

The 2005 "woke" adaptation of H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds by Steven Spielberg was a financial success. In the movie, aliens. 

Invade and wipe out humanity while new ideologies take hold. Even though the film's ending left everyone perplexed, the opening. 

Credits were a hybrid of a parasitic video and a military movie. Tom Cruise's War of the Worlds was motivated in part by pride.

As stated by James Cameron, Steven Spielberg disliked the film's ending. The pairing of Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg is. 

Monumental. The pair redefined cinema with 2005's War of the Worlds. 

Spielberg wanted to turn HG Wells' iconic novel into a film before he became a millionaire. Young Steven Spielberg wanted the.  

Project to be his own for a very long time because he wanted to be able to portray the mystery of the story on the big screen.  

Spielberg set out on his objective and made the 2005 sci-fi after deciding that Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning were appropriate for the picture.