Tom Holland Says Spider-Man 4 Will Only Happen Under One Extreme Condition.

Tom Holland will only return in Spider-Man 4 if a very difficult condition is met.

And Spider-Man 4 is still in the planning stages at Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures.

With one very difficult condition, Tom Holland will only rejoin the Marvel Cinematic Universe for Spider-Man 4. 

Since 2021, the venerable web-crawler has been missing from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) due to the enormous success of Spider-Man: No Way Home. 

However, Spider-Man 4 has been in development for more than a year at this point and has been a joint effort between Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios.

Holland has acknowledged that he has been in meetings regarding a return to the MCU.

But the actor is still being cautious about playing the part again.

The veteran of the Marvel Cinematic Universe briefly discussed Spider-Man 4 and what it would take for him to return in full .