TOM TALKS Tom Brady talks up about $375m Fox Sports agreement and unretirement rumors.

Over rumors that he will re-enter retirement, TOM Brady has spoken up.

The renowned NFL player just acquired a small ownership stake in the Las Vegas Raiders.

There are rumors that he will reverse course and play in the upcoming 2023–2024 season.

However, he has put an end to them by announcing followers in an Instagram video that he would NOT be returning.

I know I won't be playing again, Brady remarked.

"I've made an effort to make it apparent, and I hate to reiterate it.

I've said it a lot already, but I'm looking forward to starting my broadcasting career at FOX in 2019.

Brady will sign a $375 million contract with Fox Sports to work as an NFL analyst the following season.

I'm excited about the opportunity that awaits me with the Raiders, the 45-year-old said to Sports Illustrated.

Along with the other many activities I participate in both professionally and personally, we are currently working on that.