Top 10 Cat Breeds That Are Easy to Train


The Abyssinian is friendly, loving, and smart enough that games of fetch and lots of exercise can help her get rid of some of her energy. Many of them can learn to walk on a leash and collar, and some of them can even do tricks.

The American Shorthair

The American Shorthair is calm and even-tempered, which makes it easy to teach. In fact, their ability to learn and how well they react to positive reinforcement make them perfect for acting and modeling roles.


When you look into the Bengal's heritage, you'll find that it came from the Asian Leopard Cat. Even though Bengals live in families, they still have some of their ancestors' traits, like their exotic looks and high energy.

Japanese Bobtail

Japanese Bobtail energy is 11. They are brilliant, go-go-go, and love attention from family and strangers. Main Coon


Ocicats are curious and willing to ride in cars, motorhomes, and boats. They're Abyssinian-Siamese hybrids with markings that make them look wild.


This quiet, confident breed is clever, interactive, and obedient. DNA testing disprove theories that wildcats were their relatives because they look like small bobcats.


The gregarious Siamese craves attention and wants to participate in everything. For generations, cat lovers have kept the historic breed, especially in the 19th and 20th centuries.


Like the Abyssinian, you may question if your Somali is training you or you are training her! The lively cat likes fetch, hide-and-seek, and turning on faucets. Take use of your cat's intelligence.

Turk Van

Channel this breed’s intelligence and curiosity into learning new cat tricks, and she is sure to reward your efforts. The Turkish Van is a social, playful cat who thrives on attention. 

These cats form strong relationships with their people, so playing and training with a Turkish Van can provide an ideal outlet for fun and bonding. Add a game of fetch to the mix, and your cat will be in heaven!