Top Gun 3 Must Reintroduce 1 Key Character Maverick Forgot 

While one important Top Gun character was disregarded in Top Gun: Maverick, 

this original hero should return in Top Gun 3 to present the women with flowers. 

Both critics and viewers rightfully saw Top Gun: Maverick as a fitting sequel to filmmaker Tony Scott's 1986 cult movie Top Gun. 

Not all of the actors from the original Top Gun were able to return for Top Gun: Maverick. 

This made sense in some circumstances for the story of the sequel. The impulsive, 

restless Maverick would have finally severed his relationship with Charlie during the interval between the two films,  

and Goose clearly couldn't make an appearance in the follow-up due to his passing in Top Gun.

It was more challenging to disregard the absence of other Top Gun cast members.