Top Gun: Maverick Breaks Tom Cruise's Box Office Record One Year Later 

Tom Cruise returns as Captain Maverick in Top Gun 2022, training Top Gun grads for a death-defying mission. Top Gun: Maverick was a huge success, 

shattering box office records and becoming the second highest-earning film of 2022, grossing $1.49 billion worldwide.

According to Deadline, Top Gun: Maverick has broken a new box office record in Japan one year after its premiere.

The picture, which debuted in Japanese theaters on May 27, 2022, has become the largest Tom Cruise film in the country, grossing $101.5 million in its first year. Top Gun:

Maverick's popularity in Japan surpassed Cruise's previous greatest film in the country, The Last Samurai from 2003.

Its success in Japan and around the world could bode well for a future Top Gun 3.In Japan, Maverick became Paramount's best-performing film.

This development is unsurprising given the film's worldwide success; Top Gun: Maverick is the fifth highest-grossing picture of all time in the United States alone.

Top Gun: Maverick has established itself as a domestic and international box office behemoth, earning $718.7 million domestically.