Trading The Steelers should not consider signing Mitch Trubisky.

The Steelers' stunning re-signing of Mason Rudolph made headlines on Monday. As could be expected, this sparked talk that Mitch Trubisky might be dealt.

The acquisition, trade, release, or termination of players or coaches is a hot topic almost as much as the NFL Draft itself. (Actual Steelers games are just the third most popular.)

Think of the draft picks the Steelers could acquire in exchange for trading Trubisky to a team in need of a starter quarterback if I didn't dislike that word so much.

Imagine the extra $8 million or so they would have in their cap situation. How would the Steelers use those picks in the draft in the future? What would they do if they had more money in their coffers? 

Would they utilize this cash to seal the deal on their newest crop of draft picks? I don't know anything about wage caps,

but would that provide room for Pittsburgh to sign more free agents to, say it with me, strengthen other parts of the team's roster?

Do any of those free agents pique your interest? I mean, I glanced at the list, and I can't picture somebody coming in and changing anything other

than the traffic on the various Steelers' social media pages (again, transactions change the needle). To put it another way, I think the Steelers have a very strong group of quarterbacks to choose from.