Tucker Carlson’s Home Office Paranoia

The low-fi "Tucker on Twitter" puts the former prime-time host at Fox News and Fox Mulder.

A man in your social media feed staring into a camera asking "What exactly happened on 9/11?" is rarely newsworthy. 

 and asking why the media isn't investigating J.F.K.'s murder. 

 It usually means you accepted too many friend requests from high school classmates you barely remember.

However, when Fox News paid him millions to say the same things on one of cable TV's most popular shows, attention is paid.

Tucker Carlson's new home-grown show, "Tucker on Twitter," gave his resentment,

insinuation, and dog-whistle mocking the guy-ranting-from-his-den visuals it deserves in Tuesday's premiere.

Wall hangings, wood paneling, and a window showing woodsy green echo in the audio. Carlson wears a suit and pocket square and controls his Teleprompter. The look is "Green Acres" or prep school Ron Swanson.