Why Riderville veterans Johnson and Blake returned, according to Darrell Davi

Micah Johnson and Philip Blake had returned. Why? They weren't necessary.

They should know better since they at least once managed to stay away from the Saskatchewan Roughriders' version of trench. 

Warfare, where every player is evaluated while the team is losing. But there they were once more, having fun during the first exercise.  

On a hot day with fully-padded, one-on-one drills that regularly leave  lineman hurting, snarly, filthy.

And fatigued, during the CFL team's 2023 training camp at Griffiths Stadium.Blake answered honestly when asked if he favored days with no pads workouts and little.  

Contact "Every day is my favorite day." Blake is in his second season with the Roughriders, and on an offensive line that sorely needed to be rebuilt.

He is expected to start at left guard. This is Johnson's third time signing with Saskatchewan. While uncommon, quarterbacks Frank Tripucka and. 

Kevin Glenn each joined the team three times in previous decades, according to Riders historian Rob Vanstone, but it's not unheard of.