Chicago P.D. Season 10 Ends Bloodily—Will [Spoiler] Survive?

In Chicago P.D.'s explosive Season 10 finale, Intelligence hunted white nationalist Richard Beck.

For Ruzek, hanging around a racist for an extended period was not fun, and the case began to take its toll. Confiding in Burgess and seeing Makayla seemed to be the only things keeping him sane.

ASA Chapman and Voight negotiated full immunity for Samantha and Cal if she cooperated. After some persuasion, the team moved in.

Nick Gehlfuss Out: Chicago Med Shocker Twist Finale Ruzek helped Samantha and Cal pack, while Intelligence split out for a large-scale operation in numerous areas. Their raid failed because Richard was missing.

Ruzek, however, was shot in the abdomen by Cal. While Ruzek called for aid, Samantha took her son and ran. In the ambulance, Ruzek begged Burgess to find Samantha and Cal.

Burgess looked helpless at the hospital, but Platt reassured him. Note: Shouldn't Platt be checking on Mouch? That gave her the strength to go and keep her promise to her beau.

Season 10 of Chicago P.D.Samantha implored Burgess to say she shot Ruzek instead of Cal during a stressful arrest. Richard drove through the scene and kidnapped Cal

Wait till next season for Ruzek's update. The episode finished with Voight and Chapman drinking together.