World's sexiest athlete Alica Schmidt stuns Instagram followers with exercise vids before Olympics.

German 400m runner, Alica Schmidt, prioritizes sport over her social media fame as an influencer. 

Despite being named the Sexiest Athlete in the World, Schmidt remains focused on her athletic career. 

Schmidt's training routines and weightlifting abilities impress both sports enthusiasts and casual observers. 

She feels uneasy about the attention she receives as a result of her attractive appearance. 

Schmidt values her dedication to sports and believes there are many girls on Instagram who look good but lack a large fan base. 

She expressed joy when coronavirus restrictions in Germany were lifted, allowing her to train on the track again. 

The postponed Tokyo Olympics may impact Schmidt's chances of being selected for the competition. 

Schmidt appreciates being able to train in a stadium, despite having trained alone or in pairs due to pandemic restrictions.