Yellowstone: 12 Important Final Episode Questions

The biggest cliffhanger in Yellowstone has already been answered. (Is this the end? Unfortunately, yes, we did find out in May.) However, there are still just as many unanswered questions as there are dead people at the train station.

Season 4 images of YellowstoneThere is a chance that the Paramount Network hit will leave some threads hanging at the end of its run in order to jump-start the most recent offshoot of the franchise.

The hit is scheduled to return in November with the second half of Season 5, and will be followed a month later by a spinoff that could possibly star Matthew McConaughey. 

 However, in our ideal case, co-creator Taylor Sheridan and company provide closure to its central characters — yes, even if a number of them will merely transfer to the next program, 

which 101 Studios CEO David Glasser has revealed is "picking up where Yellowstone leaves off in another epic tale."

Nobody's narrative is likely to end with a group hug, given that the midseason finale ended with Jamie and Sarah arranging the murders of John and Beth and John and Beth considering killing Jamie (see the entire recap here). 

 Wes Bentley (Jamie) stated to TVLine just after the New Year, "I can't imagine it ending like that.

" It reminds me of George R.R. Martin's remark that "If you think this has a happy ending, you're not paying attention" regarding Game of Thrones.