Yellowstone warns tourists of "danger"

The peak tourist season in Yellowstone National Park has already begun, and with it comes the "danger"-signified elk calving season.

Why The park issued a warning on Friday, stating that cow elk are much more aggressive toward people during the calving season.  

And may charge at you or kick you. The headline says, "DANGER: Elk calving season has started in. 

Yellowstone National Park." The park warns, "Be aware of your surroundings!"Unavoidably.

Some tourists disobey the instructions and end up being charged or injured.However, the park provides annual cautions in the hopes.  

That visitors will heed them. Here are a few more examples: Be on guard. Cow elk may bed their calves near buildings and. 

Under cars, so look around corners before entering buildings or avoiding blind spots. Keep elk at least 25 yards away at all times.

If an elk approaches, take cover as soon as you can, either in your car or behind a high, solid barrier.