Zach Wilson or Aaron Rodgers?

Even though Aaron Rodgers will serve as the starting quarterback in 2023, the New York,

Jets have continuously stated that they are interested in developing quarterback Zach Wilson.

But given that New York selected Wilson with the second overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, does it really make sense anymore?

When compared to the previous season, the relationship between the Jets and Wilson seemed doomed. 

He was effectively demoted to the bottom of the depth chart by New York. At various times during the season, quarterbacks Mike White,

Joe Flacco, and Chris Streveler all preferred to pass over Wilson. During their run for the playoffs,

the Jets were in dire need of a reliable quarterback. And New York missed the postseason in large part as a result of their positional deficiencies.

The Jets were determined to bring in a seasoned quarterback for this reason. Rodgers, undoubtedly the greatest player available, was chosen by them. However.