Zodiac's Top 5 Manipulative Signs

Manipulation is an art in and of itself. No matter how you look at it, having the ability to persuade 

another person to do what you want them to do requires an enormous amount of talent. 

Zodiac signs who are manipulative have a strong need to be in control of every part of their lives,

including the workplace, their personal relationships, and even their sexual encounters.

If you decline, you are essentially inviting them to compete with you. 


Scorpio is the most manipulative zodiac sign, which should come as no surprise. Scorpions have mastered the art of deception, as anyone who knows them well can attest. 


By far the most astute manipulator is Leo. Only good things should happen to them. The envious sign requires ongoing attention and validation. 


Aries is a narcissistic sign. As a result, they receive whatever they seek. They want anything - a new love interest, a promotion. If they want it, they will acquire it by whatever means necessary. 


Geminis are gregarious creatures. Have you ever thought about how they can make friends? This is due primarily to their ability to manipulate people. 


Cancer Cancerists use the victim card to influence others. They are emotional and sensitive by nature, and they have mastered the use of these emotions.